Our partners

The international education consultant agency “Education Standard" cooperates with leading foreign educational institutions.


Education Standard Company has ICEF international accreditation than confirms the high status of our company. Our company participates in the ICEF international conferences annually thereby maintaining its high level and, consequently, the quality of services provided to our clients. Education Standard Company participates in all ICEF international conferences every year, and this helps us keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the field of study abroad. ICEF Conferences are held annually in Canada, Germany, USA, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Russia. Numerous exhibition stands and seminars conducted on foreign education provide additional information about the current state of the international educational market. ICEF Conference is the world's leading conference for professional consultants on foreign education and international educational exchange. It is the best and the largest forum for foreign educational institutions, selected agencies – professional consultants. International educational institutions carry out pre-arranged business meetings with carefully selected agencies - experts in training abroad. Until today, we have participated in the following ICEF seminars and workshops: ICEF Miami (USA, 2011 and 2015); ICEF Brisbane (Australia, 2013); ICEF Sydney (Australia, 2014); ICEF Moscow (Russia, 2016); ICEF Toronto (Canada, 2016).

American Chambers of Commerce in Uzbekistan

American Chambers of Commerce (AmCham) was organized in Uzbekistan in 1997 by representatives of the business community of the United States. Today, members of the company are advanced business companies not only in the United States and Uzbekistan, but also in Europe and Asia. As long-term partners of AmCham, Education Standard Company attends various events in the field of education in different countries of the world, participates in conferences and forums, shares experience with foreign companies. In addition, AmCham provides our company with assistance in organizing seminars and workshops with representatives of schools and universities from around the world at the highest level. As a result, the quality of service for our dear customers gets better every day.

World Educate Business Association

Education Standard Company participates in seminars, conferences and workshops organized by WEBA Association (World Educate Business Association). The Association opened doors for us to educational institutions in all English-speaking countries of the world: schools, colleges, boarding schools, universities, language schools, business schools, management schools, tourism schools and many others. This makes it possible to strengthen ties with already reputable partners, as well as enter into contracts with new ones. As permanent WEBA members, we visit foreign schools and universities, get familiar not only with teachers but also with members of the Admission committee. This allows us to understand the key requirements that the educational institutions expose with regard to prospective students, therefore, to confidently conduct the admissions process for a student and to ensure high quality service to our clients.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan

One of the main goals assigned by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan is assistance to entrepreneurs in creating new businesses, expanding of the business cooperation, promoting the products of our country on foreign markets and attracting the foreign direct investments. The Republic of Uzbekistan has purposeful and intensive policy with the main idea of development of owners class and creating a favourable environment for effective and dynamic existence of private business which is the main power for any market economy. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan plays one of the most important roles in resolution of this task. The Chamber has an active position in developing and supporting both small and large businesses. For our company it is very important to have support not only from foreign partners, but also to have great cooperation within our republic. Due to partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan Education Standard has a great possibility to educate our prospective students about their opportunities of academic growth and possible ways of career success at the highest international level.

US Agent Training Course is an organisation which is founded by the assistance of ICEF. The main goal of US Agent Training Course is to provide the accurate, up-to-date and correct information about the educational system of USA to Educational Consulting Agencies and to teach consulting experts to reveal the abilities and talents of students, who wish to get a degree in US.
Our experts have been helping students for 15 years to find the university that can fully satisfy the academic, professional and personal requirements of students. 
Cooperation with US Agent Training Courses lets our company get the latest news and relevant data about education in the USA and provide our clients with the useful information increasing the chances of each our student.

Study Travel (Alphe Conferences)

Education Standard Company participates in Alphe Conferences workshops, organized by Study Travel around the world: in Spain, the UK, Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries. The education market is very extensive and varied. Precisely knowing the needs of our customers and understanding all the details in execution of documents when getting educated abroad, we conclude contracts with high-quality international educational institutions. What could be safer than communicate directly with representatives of educational institutions? Alphe Conferences guarantees that all members have proven to be highly qualified schools and universities. Thus, we always provide our dear customers with the most accurate and comprehensive information.

School Connections

School Connections Company completely justifies its name - it brings together agents and international schools around the world, provides an opportunity to enter into direct contracts, from which everyone benefits. This is not just an organization, it is an idea which is found to be useful not only for schools but also for potential students from around the world. School Connections conducts several workshops a year. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic such as boarding schools of the USA. During communications with representatives of admission committees of international schools, we conclude new partnership agreements, thus constantly expanding the base of educational institutions in the field of secondary education; obtain accurate information on admissions - criteria and requirements; we find out about the availability of scholarships and grants for international students. Regular participation in School Connections workshops raises our service to a new level.

Study World

Participation in Study World seminars in London allows Education Standard always being kept up in the UK education, entering into direct partnership agreements with the best boarding schools and universities in the UK. Direct communication with representatives of British schools and universities makes the process of choosing an educational institution and entering swift-flowing. Furthermore, membership in this organization allows us organize meetings at educational institutions in England for prospective students and their parents, as well as direct telephone/Skype negotiations with the administration to ensure that our dear customers receive all the needed information "at first hand". Thus, we constantly expand our base of educational institutions of data that provides great opportunities for our customers.


Education Standard Company was verified by ICEF for the quality of its work on foreign education and became an ICEF’s accredited agent. Our company has obtained the right to officially use the sign «ICEF Agent» under number #ITAC #ITAC 597 and 600 and was included in the accredited agents database. This ICEF quality mark will even more strengthen the reputation of our agency among customers who choose training and education abroad. Meetings with partners during ICEF conferences, visiting institutions abroad – all of the above increase our professionalism and expand the list and range of training programs that we can offer our clients. As a result of participating in ICEF conferences, we can offer you such areas of study as: higher education abroad, language courses, effective year-round courses for children and adults, useful and interesting vacation programs for children and young people, foreign boarding schools for secondary education, unique fashion and design programs, professional hotel management, restaurant business and tourism programs, and many others.

The Graduate Management Search Service

The Graduate Management Search Service or abbreviated GMASS is a unique research program, which is extensively used by our company. This search system was developed by GMAC (by the way, the GMAT creators and administrators). The system allows obtaining information about students who plan to pursue Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and MBA and candidates who successfully passed GMAT. In addition, GMASS publishes articles with useful tips on working with clients in the field of educational services, the latest innovations and useful resources to help consultants of our company keep abreast of the changes occurring in the global education market.