Bellerbys - a profession in medicine, am I ready?

23 March, 2017
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I met England when I was 14 years old, having spent 4 weeks on summer English courses in London. Education Standard helped to organize the trip, everything was at a very high level. Now I have a lot of impressions and new friends from around the world, with whom I still communicate often. Since then, memories of England did not leave me...

How I got closer to the dream  

After successful completion of grade 9 in Tashkent, I entered Westminster Lyceum (the lyceum at the WUIT) in Tashkent. Study was very interesting, but the thoughts about education in England and travels never left me. Education Standard again demonstrated their professionalism, and without disregarding any of the wishes of my parents and my own ones, helped us choose the most appropriate school in England. In the future, I’m planning to get higher education either in Britain or in Australia and become a doctor. Education Standard opened us an interesting fact – study on the medical program in English-speaking countries for foreign students at the undergraduate is only possible after getting secondary education at a college in English. So now, on A Level program I study subjects that I need to know to enter a university in the future.

My choice - Bellerbys College in Brighton  

I study at Bellerbys College Brighton – it is secondary and high school for international students number 1 in the UK according to the percentage of those entering universities. Among my friends and classmates at school there are students from China, Russia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Japan and many other countries.

Bellerbys College is located in 4 cities in England - London, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton. I study in Brighton - a city on the southern coast of England, with a beautiful beach. Brighton is a small, sunny town an hour away from London by train, but with a smaller amount of rains. The town has many cultural sights, green English parks and shopping centers. The school is located in the city center, within walking distance there is a large supermarket, a train station and a beautiful park, on the other hand the area is very quiet.

About English educational system

I would like to tell about the peculiarities of entering universities of the English educational system after the A-level, which is also called a golden model system. Within the last two years of high school English study 3 (rarely 4) subjects that are certified at the end of summer by a common state exam. Each university has the required passing scores, after which gaining you can safely believe in entry. My course at Bellerbys College allows passing A-level in one year in an accelerated manner, and passing the exams as well.

About A Level at Bellerbys College

I long ago realized that nothing was interesting to me as natural sciences, and at the university, I really wanted to study such a huge and growing discipline in detail, as medicine, in particular, chemistry in this area. A-level subjects (I learn chemistry, biology and mathematics) once again helped me see how science was incredibly exciting and that it was interesting to me.  

Lessons at our college are built not on a regular basis of lecture/seminar. Almost every lesson is accompanied by laboratory work, work on the touch board, professors from leading English universities are often invited for lectures. On biology, on the desk of each student there is a personal electric microscope. For the three months spent at the school, I had the opportunity to dissect a fish, grasshoppers, locusts, heart and more. The chemical laboratory is fully equipped with everything necessary. Samples and materials are updated weekly. I have a supervisor with whom I can consult about studying or any questions about the school.

All teachers here are very fond of their job and are ready to explain any topic again on an individual basis. Monthly tests help track the current progress. At the school there is a huge number of evening clubs functioning - from playing the violin and the Spanish language to the club of physics, all are included in the program.

The school building itself is very modern and beautiful, I live in the school, it is very convenient, I do not have to worry about transportation and waking up early :) Meals at school are bed and breakfast, tasty and varied, dinners of national world cuisines are arranged.

A lot of impressions and study, which cause only pleasure - this is what I expected from England and I was not disappointed. My parents and I thank Education Standard for a responsible individual approach.