Bellerbys College is a serious step to enter any desired university in the UK.

07 July, 2017
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Study abroad was always my cherished dream, which seemed to me so far away and almost impracticable. But Education Standard showed that everything is possible, and even very easy and fast.

I learned about the college in which I am currently studying from my classmate and friend Nadya. She really liked studying and living in Brighton, in a small coastal city of England; and she advised me to use the services of Education Standard.

Thanks to the professional work of this organization, all documents, a visa and admission to the college were issued very quickly: the decision to study in England was made in November, and in January I was in Brighton.

Bellerbys College in Brighton is a fairly large college with highly qualified teachers, equipped with laboratories and with responsive students' service. I study according to A-levels program, which lasts 2 years, but in Bellerbys it can be passed in a year or a year and a half. I live in a guest family, and they are all very kind and sympathetic, ready to help with any problem and give advice.

I really like to study there because I chose exactly the subjects that I need and are interesting; all the teachers are very fond of their work and are ready to answer any questions at any time convenient for me; now I have friends from every corner of the world and memories for a lifetime.

Bellerbys College is a step to enroll in any desired university in the UK.